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Wings to Fly

The judge said he hoped to see me on the other side of the bar in 5 years. I thought to myself: There’s no reason it should take me five years to pass the bar. After all, I had already been sober for about a year, and it had been almost 2 years since my third DUI. It’s an unfortunate story, but definitely not unique. I had graduated law school, but then bar study met my best friend, King Alcohol. Before I could ever see with clarity what was really going on, the disease of alcoholism took almost everything from me. Maybe I knew I had a problem, maybe I didn’t. Maybe I just couldn’t reconcile my glamorous vision of a successful legal career with a life without my very best friend. It doesn’t really matter what happened or how it happened. All that matters was that now I was sober, and I wanted my life back. Read the full story here.

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