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You Are Not Alone

I have been in recovery for over 13 years.  I have shared many times that if I had designed the “perfect” recovery program, it would have been one that did not involve other people, that could be done from home behind a computer screen (essentially allowing me to isolate).  Fortunately, this was not in the cards for me (nor the way that recovery works).  I soon learned that I needed people (I still do).  I also learned how to identify with others and our shared internal feelings or experiences (instead of comparing our external circumstances); to find commonalities instead of differences.

“Alone. Together” is our state slogan for the coronavirus.  It reminds me that I am not alone; that although I cannot see them, there are millions of people throughout the world who are having similar experiences and feelings.  This awareness helps me feel connected.  I also have gotten in the habit of walking each morning (working from home has given me more time).  I practice social distancing while walking, yet say “hello” to others I encounter; it helps me to remember that we are all in this together.  And I do trust that together we will get through this!

Another lawyer reflects:

You are not alone.  I am not alone.  If all the media coverage has made anything clear to me, it is that every human being on Earth is facing this together.

As a lawyer in AA, I am grateful for all the support that is available.  Yes, I miss attending meetings in person. My therapist even concluded that maybe I am not as much of an introvert as we had thought. Having said that I miss the in-person meetings, the Zoom and other on-line meetings are wonderful.  I am still attending my home group that way.  The small step study group we had in process is also continuing on-line.  I am grateful for this.

I am calling my AA sponsor more than usual.  My sponsees are also calling me more often.  I am grateful for this.

I am working from home.  Some others in my office insist on going into the office, but I can accomplish just about everything at home.

My wife and I re Moravians.  We have a Moravian star shining in our home 24/7, as a small way of showing faith and hope.

So, what have I learned?  I need other people, but they are still available.  I also need to do my part by staying home when possible.  I also need to reach out to try to help others.  We are all in this together.

One lawyer offered up a prayer to the God of his understanding for people recovering from alcohol and drug problems:

Father God, a prayer for those in need. Father we are living in unprecedented times. We are ordered to stay home; to self-isolate: to stay six feet away from other people.  Jobs and income have been lost.  Father, I fear for those in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.  I fear they feel alone and lost in these times and will decide to abandon their recovery.

Father, I pray you shine your light onto those who feel alone and you open their eyes to your glory.  I pray you extend your guiding hand and keep them on the path of recovery.  I pray you will guide those in need to call on You, or their sponsor or a friend before they abandon their recovery.  I pray you will guide others to seek out and help those who are struggling before they get lost.

Father God, I pray You open their ears to Your voice and when someone feels utterly alone You whisper into his/her ear and say “My precious child, I love you and will never leave you.  Never, ever, during your trials and tests.  Be assured I will carry you.”  I pray a person in need hears Your words and knows-he or she is not alone!