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  • Judges
    Offering private, confidential assistance for state and federal judges and magistrates.
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  • Lawyers
    Understanding the unique pressures lawyers face and offering reliable, proven solutions and guidance.
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    Providing assistance with character and fitness issues and the stressful demands of law school.
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    Offering assistance for lawyers with impaired family members or family members of impaired lawyers.
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NC LAP Video Library (for CLE Program Sponsors)

PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN HOUR OF CLE CREDIT FOR SIMPLY WATCHING ONE OF THESE VIDEOS. The CLE Department has rules and procedures for how to incorporate videos into a larger CLE program. This page is for CLE program sponsors to have easy access to download a video without the need for a DVD. In the event you decide to use one of these videos in your CLE program, you will still need to submit a CLE Program Sponsor form to the NC State Bar CLE Department for approval of your program details (even if it is just this one-hour video). For questions about how to have a program approved as a CLE sponsor, visit

CLE Sponsors: Please visit our CLE page for the session descriptions you will need to submit for CLE approval and the handout links for each program.

Mental Health & Wellbeing During COVID

(Handouts for CLE)

Suicide Prevention
(Handouts for CLE)

Getting Lost in Our Own Lives (PNA Version)

(Handouts for CLE – PNA Version)

The Psychology of Transitions

(Handouts for CLE)

NCLAP Lawyer Risk Resiliency

NCLAP A Story of Honesty Compassion Hope