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David vs Goliath – A Defenders Perspective

Little David, with his pitiful slingshot, vs. the mighty Goliath. In a nutshell, that’s how it felt to me for much of my career as a public defender. Now, with years of recovery in Al-Anon, I realize that so much of my perception of my role as a defender was tied up in my codependency, my need to rescue, and my need to prove myself worthy. Not all defenders feel as I did and not all defenders choose that line of work for the reasons I did. But for those who have, I hope my story can shed some light on the unconscious motivations some of us experience. I have come to learn that, while the job of defender is unquestionably very stressful and tough emotionally, it was my unconscious motivations that were the deep root of my depression and prolonged suffering. Read the full article here.

Surrender, a Cass Robbins Mystery.

Amends, a Cass Robbins Mystery.

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