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Life on Life’s Terms

Living life on life’s terms means living through life’s circumstances as they are.  When life knocks you down, you get up, brush yourself off and keep moving on.  You may be angry, upset, and disappointed but you can’t stay that way for long because life moves on. You’ve got to go through what you’ve got to go through in order to get to where you’re going.  One day at a time experiences during 29 years of recovery has confirmed that I can live through the hard times and come out the better for them.  Life’s terms are God’s terms. My terms are limited and temporary.  God’s terms are comprehensive and lasting.  I no longer go for the quick fixes that don’t last and often set me back.  By going through what I have to go through, I accept that God is in charge and that He has a plan and purpose for my life, the totality of which is incomprehensible to me.  I believe living life on life’s terms leads me to my true purpose and destiny; I believe it will for you as well.

Another lawyer writes:

As an adult and, especially, as an attorney, it seems like there are always more difficult responsibilities, and day to day challenges can become even harder at certain times.

Perhaps it involves keeping appointments, or at least calling the day before to cancel or reschedule if we can’t fit it in. Perhaps it includes picking up phone calls, even when we know the caller might be requesting something of us that we’re not excited about doing.

Maybe it means making difficult deadlines.  Or just doing all of the mundane, repetitive tasks (buying groceries, paying bills, doing laundry, etc.) that we all need to do on a regular basis. It probably includes all of these and much more. In fact, it includes whatever life throws at you that you can’t anticipate and aren’t prepared to deal with. Instead of going and hiding our heads in the sand or curling up into a ball, we need to deal with life as sober people and professionals.

 Life on life’s terms means all that day-to-day stuff, but it especially means facing the unexpected speed bumps in life, no matter how intimidating they may be. Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop throwing curve balls.  In these unprecedented and trying times, it is important to remember that we are all in the same metaphorical boat and must continue to take life as it comes and handle it the best way we can.  And if for some reason, we absolutely can’t handle it on our own, there is always a helping hand out there for all of us.