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RE: NC LAP Seeks Counselor/Clinical Coordinator for Piedmont/Central Region

The NC Lawyer Assistance Program (NC LAP) is seeking a counselor/clinical coordinator and case manager for the Piedmont/Central region of NC. The NC LAP provides confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, and law students who are dealing with various substance abuse and mental health issues. The NC LAP provides limited direct clinical services in the traditional sense, but due to the clinical work involved for this complex client population, as well as the need to monitor progress and outcomes when working with various referral resources, significant clinical experience is required. The position is based in the Raleigh area (no exceptions) and the employee will handle the territory in the Piedmont and counties south and slightly southwest of Raleigh. The position requires day-time travel (i.e., usually one to two days a week without overnight stay) throughout the Piedmont/Central region, with occasional travel (1-3 times a year with overnight stays) to other areas including 1) an annual national ABA CoLAP conference, 2) an annual state-wide LAP conference in early November and 3) site visits to treatment centers in other states as needed to evaluate operations and continue to forge and maintain strong communication and relationships.

Ideal candidates will:

  • Have 5 or more years of practice experience and be dually licensed in both mental health and substance abuse (for example, LPC & LCAS, LCSW & LCAS, PhD & LCAS) with ability to practice independently in their respective fields.
  • Demonstrate a successful track record of and experience with diagnosing, assessing, identifying, and assisting clients with substance abuse, process addictions, mood disorders, codependency, trauma, and Cluster B Personality Disorders.
  • Understand and effectively discern co-occurring presentations and be knowledgeable about effective treatments for such.
  • Be familiar with DSM V diagnostic criteria.
  • Have successful experience with & enjoy facilitating peer support groups.
  • Have successful experience conducting informal or formal interventions and/or working with professional interventionists.
  • Have direct experience with or good working knowledge of the 12 steps.
  • Be able to knowledgably recommend treatment centers and mental health providers primarily in NC or SE Region, such recommendations based upon range of services and areas of specialty for said provider(s).
  • Collaborate directly with clinical providers for the best client outcomes.
  • Have experience with and be comfortable working with a highly intellectual, professional client base.
  • Be comfortable working in a collaborative team environment.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to be compassionate and supportive but also tough and direct as the need arises for different clients.
  • Be well organized and able to “shift gears” from clinical to administrative mode and back again several times throughout the day.
  • Be able to establish client rapport quickly.
  • Have the ability and comfort level to work outside the confines of a traditional counseling role.
  • Discern the crucial priority amid numerous competing priorities (whether for an individual client or amongst various clients and responsibilities).
  • Possess and demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills.

Duties will include:

  • Intake interviews and initial informal comprehensive assessment of clients
  • Day-to-day case management and follow-up
  • Client support and encouragement with tailored referrals to mental health providers and treatment centers
  • Collaborate with other LAP clinical staff on difficult client situations (case staffing)
  • Coordinate informal interventions with LAP volunteers or work with professional interventionists as needed from time to time
  • Drive to and facilitate peer support groups
  • Assist in starting peer support groups in areas of the state currently underserved
  • Establish and maintain good relationships with LAP volunteers for effective client/monitor and mentor pairing
  • Recruit new LAP volunteers from the cadre of “graduating” clients who are doing well
  • Understand, craft, monitor and enforce client recovery contracts
  • Develop and maintain a strong provider network and referral resources both locally and nationally
  • Use in-office computer software programs for case management & drug testing administration
  • Attend LAP conferences, LAP board meetings, and other LAP events
  • Some public speaking as needed
  • Assist other LAP staff members with writing articles, giving educational presentations to groups of lawyers, collaborating with law schools for program development, and other non-case management tasks, on an as-needed basis.
  • Work with discipline counsel of the State Bar, the Board of Law Examiners, and various legal counsel as needed for individual cases.
  • Work with law students in the region to establish healthy and balanced lifestyles as well as assist those students who will be appearing before the Board of Law Examiners due to character and fitness issues

The position will begin once a candidate is hired. The position offers full healthcare benefits for employee (family members require full premium payment), a pension/retirement plan, holidays off, mileage and expense reimbursement, costs of all CEUs, trainings, and licensure renewals, liability coverage.

Interested candidates are asked to send a résumé and cover letter to:

Attn: Robynn Moraites
Executive Director
312 Rensselaer Ave, Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28203

Please do not submit applications by email. Applications will be reviewed and interviews scheduled beginning mid-to-late September.