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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

— Howard Thurman

The Bona Fides

This lawyer knew about LAP for years, but she hesitated to reach out because she thought she didn’t have “the bona fides.” She suspected her perfectionism and catastrophic thinking might be an issue, but those issues had been plaguing her since her childhood—long before she ever became a lawyer. Read more.

This article is also a featured Sidebar Podcast episode: The Bona Fides. Listen here.

Reflection on Addiction as Disease and Community as Cure

Friends of the author recently lost a child in his late 20s to addiction. Helping his friends through this unfathomable loss found him reflecting deeply on his own recovery journey and what he has observed and gleaned over his 26-plus years in recovery. Read more.

Practice Perspective

This lawyer finds exercise helps his mood, energy, and thought process. Read more.

Mindful Moment

Are subconscious beliefs informing your decisions in the legal field? Read more.

This Mindful Moment is also a featured podcast episode: Unearth Subconscious Stuckness and Transform Limiting Beliefs. Listen here.

Something to Consider

Peace is not anything you can force on anything or anyone . . .
much less upon one's own mind.
It is like trying to quiet the ocean by pressing upon the waves.
Sanity lies in somehow accepting the fact of the chaos,
acknowledging and allowing our own anxiety,
diving into the waves,
where underneath,
peace simply is.

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Minority Outreach Conference
Feb. 23, 2024
McKimmon Center
Raleigh, NC
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