Practice Perspective

I squeeze in a 20-30-minute jog (used to be a run) during my lunch hour several days a week. Other days I swim or bike for about the same amount of time. On days that I miss my workout, afternoons don’t go by quite as fast, and I feel slower, too. 20 – 30 minutes gives me enough time to break a sweat and get my mind off work, but I don’t stress about being away from work for too long.

In addition to my lunchtime workouts, I also go on a short (about five minute) walk midmorning and midafternoon. Getting outside breaks up my day, giving me a boost and space to think.

If this short testimonial isn’t enough to convince you to get out of the office, the mental health benefits I get from exercising and getting outside are supported by scientific studies, and quick searches for “mental health benefits of exercise” or “mental health benefits of getting outside” will uncover articles and resources to answer your questions.

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