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It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it not possible to find it elsewhere.
—Agnes Repplier, The Treasure Chest

Lovely Nonsense

This lawyer thought all the talk of “self-care” was lovely nonsense. Unintentionally stumbling into a hobby, however, where there was no competition or expectation of success brought a sense of lightness to this lawyer’s life not felt in a very long time. Read More

Depression from Both Sides

Like a pendulum swinging from one end to the other, this lawyer has had experience with both the therapy side of treating depression as well as the medication route. Which is more effective? Read More

Practice Perspectives

Why is everyone in such a good mood? Read More

Mindful Moment

Resilience is the buzz word today; it is the key to coping well with stress. In good news, resilience is a skill we can hone with practice. While the urge to push through stress may be constant, resilience builds when we pause, for even just a couple of conscious breaths. Read More

The Case for Hobbies

By viewing work as something we do to support our leisure time, rather than our hobbies as something to lower our stress so we can get back to work, we can actually start enjoying our lives. (I know, wild idea.) Read More

Jane Pauley’s Take on her Bi-Polar Diagnosis

In this six-minute video interview, Jane Pauley openly discusses her bi-polar disorder and her approach as a reporter about being open about it, much to her doctor’s dismay. She makes a strong case for abandoning the word stigma altogether. Read More

Reputation in Recovery

Actors, like lawyers, have very public personas and reputations to maintain. In Variety’s recent Recovery Issue, Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about being in recovery for 20 years and what it was like when she disclosed the fact of her sobriety at two years sober. Read More

Something to Consider

It was when I stopped searching for home within others
and lifted the foundations of home within myself
I found there were no roots more intimate
than those between a mind and body
that have decided to be whole.

—Rupi Kaur

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