Practice Perspective

Everyone seems to be in such a great mood in 2019! I told a peer this back in March and they gave me a crazy response. However, I added, maybe it was just me. I had been meditating every day consistently for a few weeks. Previously, I had meditated for about 2-20 minutes at least once a week over the last three years, but as a New Year’s resolution, I wanted to work on my daily practice. So, I started using an app that has a 12-week “learn to meditate” program and hundreds of other meditation options. Within a week, I could see a difference. Within a few weeks, it was amazing. My anxiety was even more manageable. My sleep was very peaceful. I was more mindful and able to navigate difficult situations with grace. I enjoyed talking to my clients and other attorneys, because I was more present in the conversations and thankful for the opportunity to speak with each of them.

This new app also helped me discover that there are so many kinds of meditations. There are guided meditations, sleep meditations, meditations on-the-go, and meditations that help me “work” on myself. The various meditations helped to keep my daily practice streak and to match a meditation to what I needed that day. I will add that I have found my own ways to meditate too, including walking meditations, yoga, mindful weight training, and meditating while focusing on the ocean waves.

Meditation simply means to me the “practice” of working on my body being alert and relaxed at the same time. It takes work just like going to the gym, but the results are just as wonderful. If you stick with meditation consistently it can immensely improve your sleep, physical health, and mental health.

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