Working the 10th Step

Recovery has impacted my life, specifically my practice of law, in a number of ways. The principles of the Program have helped relieve much of the anxiety, fear and ego that weighed on my practice. The days when I actively work Step 10 (which means taking my own inventory and when I am wrong, promptly admitting it) my practice is much more productive because I consciously remain aware of personal interactions. I believe that God does not want me to live in fear or in resentment (among other things). When fear and resentment crop up (whether by deadlines, opposing counsel, difficult clients, weak cases or long hours, or some days all of the above) the spot check inventory of Step 10 has been a life saver – for me and those around me. The simple phrase “can you help me” (with my computer, on a file, make revisions to this pleading, etc.) creates a completely different environment and human interaction as any attack based in fear or anger or selfishness.

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