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Feelings are not facts.

Message from the Director

This is the fourth weekly Special Pandemic Edition Sidebar. In case you missed last week’s or are a new subscriber... Read More

What Day Is It?

You’re not the only one asking. Read More

10 Secrets People in Recovery from Addiction Know that Could Help Us All Survive this Global Pandemic

Another author’s take on how recovery tools can benefit everyone. Read More

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real: Taming Fear

Fear is an instinct hardwired in us from birth for our survival. Most of us experience another form of fear, though, that takes root when we don’t have control. Read More

Attitude of Gratitude

Being grateful doesn’t mean being in denial about what is going on. It means that once we face our feelings about the circumstances, we can choose to shift our focus. Read More


I had KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) drilled into my head in the army. Back then it meant that I needed to forget everything else and learn how to be a soldier. Today, as life seems very complicated and sometimes even dangerous, I come back to KISS and concentrate on those things that really are important. Read More

Strategies to Thrive

Daily webcasts on strategies to thrive, not just survive. Recorded sessions available if you miss the live presentation. Read More

Mental Health Webcasts from Harvard

The Harvard School of Public Health COVID-19 Mental Health Forum is hosting videocasts introducing evidence-based skills to managing stress related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and techniques for adapting and enhancing resilience. Experts in the field address important emotional and psychological issues related to daily life during a pandemic. These forums are always open to the public and include a discussion and Q&A with attendees. The most recent topic was “Self-Compassion during COVID19.” Read More

Something to Consider

We each process our stress differently. This video highlights some of the ways we process stress based on our Enneagram personality type. If you know your type, you will likely have a little chuckle. If you don’t know your type, you might just figure it out from this video. Warning: It is a silly video that has reduced each type down to a 30-second caricature and is meant to be fun. Watch Here

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