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Survival is the ability to swim in strange water.

Frank Herbert

Message from the Director

This is the second weekly special pandemic edition. In case you missed last week’s or are a new subscriber... Read More

How to Live in the Face of Fear: Lessons from a Cancer Survivor

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, the normal touchstones of everyday life have vanished without so much as a warning. In their place are terrifying thoughts about the future, about loss, and about mortality. For Kate Bowler, a historian at Duke Divinity School, this is familiar terrain. In 2015, when she was 35 and a new mother, Dr. Bowler was diagnosed with incurable cancer, and uncertainty became a way of life. Read More

Trouble Focusing? Not Sleeping? You May Be Grieving

It’s normal and natural to not be able to just go on as usual. Read More

ABA CoLAP Cafe—To Those in Recovery, You've Got This

We, who are active in recovery, ARE the lucky ones. In many ways, we are best prepared to successfully cope with a pandemic like COVID-19. The myriad of fellowships of recovery has provided us with a platform of preparation, essentially our toolboxes for surviving what may seem to be an overwhelming situation. Read More

Do the Next Right Thing

When every aspect of our normal routine is disrupted, I have a choice whether to resist and wallow in fear or focus on the few things I do have control over. Read More

I Can Do Anything for Thirty Minutes

“Oh, I can do anything for thirty minutes,” my sage of a friend, Amy, said just as the shot signaled the start of our triathlon swim. She was, in that moment, referring to whatever discomfort that event might entail, but the infinite application of her words hit me like a thunderbolt. Read More

Feelings Aren't Facts

I am stuck at home, homeschooling. Essentially spending every waking moment with my chatty, inquisitive, and precocious 11-year-old. In addition to missing my friends and colleagues. I remind myself often during the day, my feelings are not facts. Read More

Something to Consider

Psychologists, coaches, and authors from the community of UPENN Master of Applied Positive Psychology graduates are offering a series of short, daily, free webinars on strategies for thriving during these difficult times. Each talk has a different theme. Recorded sessions will also be available, in case you miss the live stream. You can look at the upcoming agenda and register here.

Upcoming Events - LAP Related

Free 1-hour Webinar
Part 2 with Laura Mahr (with new & different content
than Part 1), A Resilient Mindset: Consciously Recovering from the Corona Crisis
Tuesday, May 5 @ 10 AM
Registation details to follow.

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