From The ABA Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being

We’re excited to participate in the first annual Lawyer Well-Being Week and invite you to do the same. Here is your invitation to participate, which includes the basic details of the week. On the Lawyer Well-Being Week website, you’ll find more information and ideas for participating. To get your thinking started, here is a list of 46 Activity Ideas for getting involved. Once you decide how your organization will participate, you can submit your plans to the Lawyer Well-Being Week website, which may highlight your planned activities on the Well-Being Champions page to promote your good work and give others’ ideas for participation. Finally, please consider spreading the word and encouraging participation profession-wide. To do so, you’ll find a messaging toolkit on the website under the Awareness Messaging tab.

Well-being is an institution-wide responsibility. When our professional and organizational cultures support our well-being, we are better able to make good choices that allow us to thrive and be our best for our clients, colleagues, and organizations. It is up to all of us to cultivate new professional norms and cultures that enable and encourage well-being. 

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