Practice Perspective

I admit it, I have trouble getting out of bed some mornings.  I know I am not alone or unique in this situation, but on those days I feel like only I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, like poor old Atlas.

As an attorney, I tend to feel as if I carry the extra burden of my clients’ woes and burdens along with my own.  Intellectually I know that not to be true, but the sense still exists for me.  To me, being in recovery makes these feelings more intense and terrifying. In the past, I would often use these fears as an excuse to fuel my heavy drinking as a means of “coping.”

In recovery, I still have these periods of low motivation and find myself searching for a reason to take on the day.  One reason I find I feel this way is that I am overwhelmed by the load of the day.  I have found that the following tactics have worked for me to combat this malaise.

Seeking Support. When I feel overwhelmed or anxious about my job, I talk to someone about it. Sometimes I just need to vent to keep myself grounded. Professional counseling is always an option, but sometimes a dialogue with a sympathetic friend or sponsor is all I need.

Taking care of myself. I have discovered that getting enough sleep, eating a healthy balanced diet, and getting regular exercise greatly improves both my physical and mental focus and health.  Making time to relax and socialize is also important and necessary for my wellbeing.

Taking things on one at a time.  I find that making two lists of the matters I have on my plate helps.  The first list is my “priority” list; what I absolutely need to do today/this week.  The second list is the items that can wait a little while.  If I separate these matters out, I usually find I can manage them and my time better. 

In sobriety, taking “one day at a time” is an important theme and tool, and, for me, it really does work.

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