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Be more responsive, less reactive
—Diane Poole Heller

Get Off the Couch

Living in fear, imprisoned by alcoholism, one Monday morning this lawyer had just a sliver of willingness and courage to get off the couch and ask for help. Read More

Not a Happy Valentine's Day

This outwardly successful lawyer’s personal and professional lives collided when he was arrested on Valentine’s Day. Having worked through the root causes of his depression, he now practices law, still successfully, but very differently. Read More

Practice Perspectives

Egomaniac with an inferiority complex? How one lawyer practices not taking things personally and deals with the vagaries of life in the law. Read More

Mindful Moment

As lawyers and judges, we may like to imagine that we can stay calm, cool, and collected at all times. However, we, like everyone else, can get triggered. There is a mindful approach to getting triggered. Read More

Lawyers Weigh In on How to Prevent Stress

From setting personal boundaries to use of better calendaring systems, lawyers from around the country share their insights on how they themselves ward off serious mental health issues and on what else they think needs to be done. Read More

Yale Offer Free Happiness Class Online

What makes people happy? There’s no single answer. However, for those looking to find the secret, Yale University is offering an offshoot of a popular class. Read More

Something to Consider

A Haiku penned by a LAP Volunteer

Demands Overwhelm
Clients, Family, Bustle
Exhale the Stressors

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