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"Paradoxically, personal fulfillment means abandoning ourselves and putting others first"
—Richard Rohr

Skating Through and Looking Good

This lawyer skated through life and always managed to get out of trouble. Faced with some real legal consequences, this lawyer worked with LAP to “look good” when the reckoning came but instead wound up with an amazing life. Read More

Practice Perspectives

Successful in every respect, this lawyer fought being a lawyer until an idea for a simple switch in approach lead to a dramatic change in day-to-day experience. Read More

Only a Cultural Shift Can Improve Substance Abuse and Mental Health Problems in the Legal Profession

Read Article

Resilience Requires Recharging

Most lawyers have a deeply rooted belief that they cannot take any time to recharge; yet the most successful lawyers have all figured out how to manage their energy in a way that doesn’t involve large doses of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Here are five strategies that will help you recharge. Read More

Mindful Moment—Finding Your Flavor of Meditation

While there are as many kinds of meditation as there are flavors of tea, finding a “flavor” that works for you is important. Here are some tips. Read More

Something to Consider

Help Yourself to Happiness by Helen Steiner Rice

Everybody, everywhere seeks happiness, it’s true,
But finding it and keeping it seem difficult to do.
Difficult because we think that happiness is found
Only in the places where wealth and fame abound.
And so we go on searching in palaces of pleasure,
Seeking recognition and monetary treasure,
Unaware that happiness is just a state of mind
Within the reach of everyone who takes time to be kind.
For in making others happy we will be happy, too.
For the happiness you give away returns to shine on you.

Upcoming Events - LAP Related

Oct. 26-28, 2018
LAP Annual Conference
Wilmington, NC
(online registration will be sent early September)

Aug. 22, 2018
Navigating Life Transitions with Ease
Laura Mahr and Jeena Cho, one hour free webinar

Sept. 7, 2018
What Every New/Young Lawyer Needs to Know About Building Resilience Using Mindfulness and Neuroscience
NCBA’s YLD CLE, co-sponsored by NCLAP and NCBA YLD
Cary, NC

Sept. 21, 2018
Mindfulness and Neuroscience for Building Resilience to Stress
30th Judicial District CLE, sponsored by NCLAP
Waynesville, NC

Sept. 27, 2018
360 Degrees of Connection with Mindfulness and Compassion Fatigue and Provider Resilience
ABA’s National Conference for Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP)
Charleston, SC

Oct. 4, 2018
Mindfulness for Lawyers to Build Resilience to Stress
One hour online CLE

Oct. 11-Nov. 1, 2018
Mindfulness for Lawyers: Building Resilience to Stress Using Mindfulness, Meditation, and Neuroscience
Four week online course

Oct. 12, 2018
Resilience Retreat for Immigration Lawyers and Support Staff
Asheville, NC

Nov. 14, 2018
Mindfulness and Neuroscience for Building Resilience to Stress
10th Judicial District CLE (co-sponsored by NCLAP)
Raleigh, NC

Upcoming Events - Community Based
(not LAP sponsored; a clearing house of information for recovery related events around the state)

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