Message from the Director

LAP is a service of the State Bar which provides free, confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, and law students in addressing mental health issues, including problems with drugs or alcohol, and other life stresses which may impair an attorney’s ability to effectively practice law. To introduce members of the State Bar to our program, once a year we will be sending you Sidebar, our quarterly e-newsletter. No response or action is required on your part, but I do hope you will take this opportunity to read Sidebar. For our second annual statewide edition of Sidebar, we’ve picked out some of our favorite articles from past editions. The short and compelling articles are penned by your peers. If you would like to subscribe to the quarterly edition, please visit and enter your name and email in the Sidebar subscription box on the bottom right corner of the home screen. Curious to see past editions? Archives can be found here.

We hope Sidebar provides a small dose of inspiration to you in your day-to-day law practice, and reminds you that you are not alone with whatever frustrations you encounter in your law practice and in your life. You are not alone; in fact, you are in quite good company. Enjoy!

Robynn E. Moraites
Director, NC Lawyer Assistance Program