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Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full
of the overcoming of it.

—Helen Keller

Bless These Tears

Party down, rock and roll, snort some coke, lose some soul.
17, running wild, bullet proof, foolish child.
Got the grades, got the girl, let's give UNC a whirl.

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Learning to Unlearn

When facing emotional difficulties, this lawyer’s life circumstances, education, and work as a lawyer all taught him that he could—and had to—figure out what it took to fix his problem. All of his effort to “learn” his way out of his problem was part of the problem. The solution lay in first unlearning. Read More

Practice Perspectives

This lawyer found a greater sense of inner peace and less anxiety by not taking credit for wins and not taking blame for losses, but instead focusing on doing the next right thing and letting go of outcomes. Read More

Mindful Moment

Conscious periodic deep breathing not only decreases stress, it also lowers blood pressure, promotes clearer thinking, and increases feelings of well-being. Read More

Four Really Quick Well-Being Workouts

Relieving stress and anxiety might help you feel better—for a bit. But “what makes life worth living,” says Dr. Seligman, “is much more than the absence of the negative.” To Dr. Seligman, the most effective long-term strategy for happiness is to actively cultivate well-being. Read More

Something to Consider

Those who wake are students.
Those who stay awake are teachers.
How we take turns.
—Mark Nepo

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Feb. 23, 2018
Minority Outreach Conference
Durham, NC
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