Gratitude for my Legal Career

I’ve never once taken the time to list what I’m grateful for in my legal career.  I’m feeling burned out after only five years of practice so, instead of quitting, I’m giving a Gratitude List a try.

  1. I get to work at the firing line of life.  No film, Netflix original series, cable news or sports show can hold a candle to some of the matters I’m called upon to deal with in my office and in court.  That said, the intensity of a murder or rape case can, at times, make me grateful for. . .
  2. time that I must spend on truly mundane tasks that bring efficiency to overcrowded dockets and backlogged law enforcement agencies.  When these tasks become tedious, I am grateful for . . .
  3. the staff and coworkers in my office who, along with the rest of the folks who work in our bustling courthouse, are like my neighbors in a village.  I am never far from society and from a helping hand if I choose to reach out.  I’m also privileged to be a helping hand when someone reaches out to me.  This thought leads to the gratitude I have for my colleagues in the North Carolina bar and on the bench,
  4. particularly those I’ve met in the volunteer community of the NC Lawyer Assistance Program.  Sometimes lawyers can be a tough crowd, but LAP volunteers are special.  They have been through the wringer, but they’ve emerged from the shadow of adversity with new dimensions to offer anyone in their path.  These people are bright lights for me and for those who want to come out of the shadows. That brings me to the best thing in law practice and in life, the thing for which I am most grateful.
  5. It is the human spirit.  Deep down in every person, I believe, is the love that sparks healing, courage, and fellowship.  It is the power that dissolves prejudice, allays fear, and lights up hearts and minds. Is this part of the practice of law? 

Yes, I am sure of it.  And I don’t want to quit, not yet. 

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