Message from the Director

If I had to pick a stated theme of this quarter’s Sidebar it would be transformation. At the root of our work as LAP staff and volunteers, we are trying to help foster a transformational process, in whatever form it may take for each individual with whom we work. In truth, the mere process of growing up and maturing is a transformational process unto itself, admittedly easier for some than others.

I have been in the job long enough now to see LAP clients becoming LAP volunteers – lawyers whose lives and practices are thriving, who are happy, joyous and free, and who are now navigating the unfair vagaries of life with relative grace. These are the very same lawyers we as a staff and volunteers were worried about and tried to figure out how best to approach, just a few years ago. It is an honor to witness such a profound transformation in the lives of those with whom we work. I am so lucky and grateful to be here, doing this work, with you.

Robynn E. Moraites
Director, NC Lawyer Assistance Program