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February 19, 2016
Minority Outreach Conference
The Sheraton
1 Europa Drive
Chapel Hill, NC
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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


How the Annual LAP Conference Brought My Wife into My Recovery

I failed to be open with my wife about my past. I did not include her in my recovery, which is why she lost interest in me being sober.  The LAP Conference turned out to be a great way to include her in my recovery and start a conversation about why I am sober and how it helps us both. She no longer secretly wishes I would take a drink to “lighten up.”Read More

Trapped Behind and Inside the Lawyer Mask

The path through law school seems to change us. We enter the profession with the lawyer mask firmly in place, often to our peril. Read More

Practice Perspectives

“That’s a lie! She is lying!” One lawyer reflects on “practicing The Pause” after being attacked by opposing counsel in court.

Read More

Warning: "Hanging in there" is destroying your health

See More

It's Hip to be Sober

A mindful sober subculture is emerging, indicating that we’re seeking out deeper, more meaningful connections to others, not only in our adult lives...Read Article

...but even while in college Read Article

Something to Consider

In his book First Things First Stephen Covey describes a story that one of his associates experienced at a seminar. In the middle of the lecture the presenter pulled out a wide-mouth jar and placed it on the table next to some fist-sized rocks.

After filling the jar to the top with rocks he asked, “Is the jar full?”

People could see that no more rocks would fit, so they replied, “Yes!”

“Not so fast,” he cautioned. He then got some gravel from under the table and added it to the jar, filling the spaces between the rocks. Again, he asked, “Is the jar full?”

This time the students replied “Probably not.”

The presenter then reached for a bucket of sand below the table, and dumped it on the jar, filling the spaces between the rocks and the gravel. Once again he asked “Is the jar full?”

“No!” the students shouted.

Finally, he grabbed a pitcher of water and filled the jar completely, asking what they could learn from that illustration.

One of the participants answered, “If you work at it, you can always fit more into your life.”

“No,” said the presenter. “The point is, if you don’t put the big rocks in first. . . would you ever have gotten any of them in?”

What are the Big Rocks in your life?


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