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November 6-8, 2015
LAP Annual Conference
Crowne Plaza, Asheville
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February 19, 2016
Minority Outreach Conference
The Sheraton
1 Europa Drive
Chapel Hill, NC
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Renewal Center of the South
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When in doubt do what's hardest. The hardest path is invariably the right one.


That Could Have Been Me

James Joyce’s brother, Stan, was not an alcoholic, but was deeply impacted by his brother’s alcoholism. Stan’s anti-social behaviors and dysfunction got him arrested, and he spent time in prison and struggling, just muddling through life as a result. That could have easily been me. Read More

Someone Dimed Me Out!

I’m here because somebody, maybe somebody reading this, dimed me out. Threw me under the bus. Lied about me to the authorities. Said I was drunk in court. The truth is, I have never been drunk in court: yet. Read More

Practice Perspectives

My goal is to be able to answer the phone without concern about who might be calling or what they might want from me, and most especially, without my awfulizer cranking up. Read More

Lawyers with Lowest Pay Report More Happiness

See More

Busy is a Sickness

I began to notice how much of my rushing was an overreaction to my "awfulizing" in my head.

Read Article

Something to Consider

We wander and think
no one will ever find us.
And lifting our sorry head,
we are next to each other.
-Mark Nepo

We imagine that so many conditions are prerequisite to finding love, when all that is required is that, like a man stepping from a boat to a dock, we step over the small gap that exists between us.

From The Book of Awakening ~ Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have. Excerpted from and reprinted with permission by Mark Nepo and Conari Press


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