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November 6-8, 2015
LAP Annual Conference
Crowne Plaza, Asheville
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Recovery is the commitment you make to yourself when no one is looking.

When a Friend Commits Suicide: There Were Signs, and There Was Help

Few types of deaths are as heartbreaking as those caused by suicide. Friends and family think back and look for signs, and often regret not acting on those signs. Below is one of those stories. Read More

Terminally Unique

None among my acquaintance would describe me as typical in any way, nor have I ever met anyone long-sober who was dull or common. To be free to become more who I am, I had to walk through my fear of not being sufficiently unique. Read More

Practice Perspectives

Some of the best wisdom I have ever received in recovery would be (and is) considered nonsensical in “the real world”. But it works! Read More

Not Feeling 100%? The Real Secret to Good Living

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The Busy Trap: Are you caught in a trap of self-imposed busyness?

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Something to Consider

Peace of Mind in Recovery

It isn't something you earn
It can't be bought
It doesn't happen overnight
This; you have to work for

It may take all your courage
It may take all your strength
It's a path you'll have to forge
Sometimes against the prevailing tide

There is no medication, no quick fix
You have to climb the mountain
You have to do the inner work that is yours to do
Mostly: You have to want it for yourself

There's no other way around it


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