Experience the Rush of Writing for the Sidebar

I fancied myself as a songwriter in my younger years. I played guitar, and wrote songs about the way I was feeling and what was happening in my life. You will never hear my songs on the radio, and if you ever heard me sing many of my songs, I would be more embarrassed than proud.

However, now I know that I did not write the songs for others, but I wrote the songs for me. Writing songs made me feel good. They captured something I was feeling or questioning at that time. Most of the songs related to various girls I had a crush on, and while they never helped me get the girl, I now have a notebook of memories that make me smile when I remember those moments.

I am now a middle aged married man practicing law. I have long passed the days of teenage crushes and dreams of becoming a rock star. Still, I love writing. Being a lawyer involves a lot of writing, but creativity is typically frowned upon. The Sidebar is a great outlet for writing. It gives me the same rush I had as a kid writing songs. I want to encourage others to experience that rush by contributing to the Sidebar. We welcome all articles on substance abuse and mental health.

If you are interested in contributing your own story to the Sidebar, click here. The Sidebar is supported by the stories of our readers, and we appreciate your contributions.