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2019 LAP Minority Outreach Conference

Reclaiming Resilience

Friday, Jan. 18, 2019

Durham Convention Center

~ Featuring Kevin Cokley, PhD, Researcher, Author and Professor ~
Recently featured in the NY Times


This year’s conference sponsors:

This Year’s Reception Sponsored by:

Approved for 5 CLE hours (2 ethics, 3 mental health).

The cost for this year’s conference is $25 per person, to offset lunch costs, paid in advance via PayPal. In addition, you will be responsible to pay a $5 parking fee at the venue parking garage and the $3.50 per CLE credit hour fee to the State Bar CLE Department at the end of the year. Once registered, you will receive an email notification confirming your reservation.

Cancellations must be received by 5:00 on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, in order to be eligible for a refund. Cancellations received after that date (including no-shows on the day of the event) cannot be refunded. We look forward to seeing you this year.

Speakers (click on name to read full bio)

Kevin Cokley, PhD
Director, Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis
University of Texas at Austin


8:30-9:30   Registration and Check In – 2019 MOC – Express Check-in and 2019 MOC Eval and CLE Credit Form

9:30-10:45  Lawyering While Black: Overcoming Impostorism in a Racialized World
                        Kevin Cokley, Ph.D.

High achieving and successful professionals sometimes experience feelings of being an impostor. While feelings of impostorism cross racial, ethnic and gender lines, they are especially prevalent among African American professionals who must contend with negative racial stereotypes and racially hostile environments. In the highly stressful and competitive law profession, African American attorneys are faced with both common and unique job stressors that can exacerbate feelings of impostorism. Furthermore, in work environments where they are often in the minority, African American attorneys may present high standards of perfectionism which could compromise their mental health and well-being. This session will examine how impostorism affects Black professionals and what strategies participants can use to cope and thrive.

10:45-12:00  To Thine Own Self Be True
                          PerriAnne Davis, Psy.D.

To thine own self be true is a directive that we have all heard which is one of the more famous lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Much literary analysis has been offered about this line. However, today’s presentation will not be an inquiry into the line’s literary significance but rather an intrapersonal and psychological dive into considering the statement as a question. In order to embrace “to thine own self be true” as a reaffirming and empowering statement, it is instructive to think about the questions that this Shakespearean line raises. Who am I? How do I define myself? Does my definition of self match my presentation of self? If not, how would I know? How do I understand truth? Is my truth determined by internal perceptions, external forces, or a configuration of other factors? From whence were my ideas of self and truth derived? Ideas will be offered as to how to think about and answer these questions in a way that honors and develops one’s professional, familial, emotional, and spiritual selves.

12:00-1:30 Lunch and networking

1:30-2:45        Resilience Roundtable
Panelists: Ted Edwards ~ Brandon Shelton ~ Ty Hands ~ Keith Gregory ~ Terry Sherrill

Panelists will be exploring the themes of the conference this year on an individual level and how these concepts manifest in daily life and law practice while providing personal experience on developing resilience and staying mentally and emotionally healthy in a demanding law practice.

2:45-3:15        Break

3:15-4:30        Reclaiming Resilience: The Art of Overcoming Hardships
                           Courtney Nesbitt, LCSW, LISW-CP

Resilience is our capacity to recover from difficulties. Oftentimes, lawyers believe they are practicing resilience, when they are actually stuffing down their emotions and not truly addressing their needs. This can be especially true in marginalized communities that feel they have to put on a certain mask to prove their worth in majority spaces and occupations. This presentation is geared towards understanding real resiliency, identifying the steps and protective factors that play a role in increasing our resiliency, encouraging the use of therapy as a tool to building resilience, and providing tangible interventions that participants can utilize on their own to develop a consistent self-care practice.

4:30                 Reception and networking. Sponsored by Brooks Pierce.