Confidentiality Guarantee
  • Judges
    Offering private, confidential assistance for state and federal judges and magistrates.
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  • Lawyers
    Understanding the unique pressures lawyers face and offering reliable, proven solutions and guidance.
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  • Students
    Providing assistance with character and fitness issues and the stressful demands of law school.
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  • Family
    Offering assistance for lawyers with impaired family members or family members of impaired lawyers.
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We treat law professionals and their families for a variety of mental and substance issues, including:

We understand that law is a stressful profession, and we’re here to help. Please consult the warning signs below, and if you are experiencing any of these conditions, please contact our office.

Warning Signs That You Need Help


  • Unexplained or repeated absences or tardiness for court appearances, depositions, etc.
  • Peculiar or improbable excuses for absences

Confusion or difficulty concentrating

  • Difficulty in recalling instructions, details, etc.
  • Increasing difficulty in handling complex assignments
  • Difficulty in recalling own mistakes
  • Work requires more effort than it should

Spasmodic work patterns

  • Alternative periods of high and low productivity

Generally lowered job efficiency

  • Missed deadlines
  • Mistakes due to inattention or poor judgment
  • Making bad decisions
  • Complaints from clients
  • Improbable excuses for poor performance

Poor interpersonal relationships

  • Overreaction to real or imagined criticism
  • Wide swings in morale or mood
  • Unreasonable resentments or hostility
  • Excessive suspicion

Physical problems/symptoms

  • Complaints of fatigue.
  • Back pains or other vague medical problems.
  • Complaints of stomach problems or nausea.
  • Repeated hospitalizations and/or accidents.
  • Observable physical signs such as bleary eyes, wobbly stance, shakes, flushed face, widely dilated or tightly constricted pupils, bloodshot eyes, staggering, blank look/expressionless, standing or sitting immobile (as if in a trance), hand or leg tremors, downcast or disheveled appearance, slurred speech, lethargy, restlessness/nervousness/anxiety, panic reaction, facial tic, excessive talking, disoriented thoughts (“word salad”), silence.